Random Informix Ramblings…

Almost every client I’ve visited in the past few months is talking about migrating to “10 or 11 of IDS.”  Of course that’s exciting for us “Informix-faithful”, and those of us that have “been around” for a long time. The more talk around migration, the more potential work for us Informix techies….Talking with some of the internal development folks regarding OAT (the Open Admin Tool), rumor has it the Adobe Flex is front-ending lots of “stuff” now, typically over PHP. Rumor also has it that you can plug-in your own set of scripts/tools/etc. into OAT…I recently spent 4 weeks at a client site working on PA-RISC HP-UX and running an application that was at least 10 years old. Small engine of only 20G or so, and there were performance concerns. During the time there, I was able to write a new module or two for my  “IDS Sanity Kit”, including a “Benchmark” module that allows dynamic sql to be used for testing. The “Sanity Kit” has been evolving since the “original Watcher” I wrote circa 2003 for a long-term consulting assignment (while still in the education group though.) We at Xtivia use the Sanity Check module for the standard baseline IDS Health Check most of the time.


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