Well – I found new kitties in the barn recently. Initially, they were up new the top of the barn (about 25 feet or so), but I was able to carry one down, and the mama cat bourght the other two. In my expert opinion (meaning I asked the neighbors) I figured they were a week or two old. So all totaled, on the farm I have a dog, a mama cat, 3 kitties (can’t find one), another cat, my ex-wife’s 2 cats (one which is missing), and a lake full of fish. 


Index Rebuilding in IDS: Myths, Facts & Folklore

Imagine your in a classroom (of mine of course)…it’s end of the week, and I decide to do “IDS Potpourri”, asking the students to ask “anything that comes to mind, regardless.” A few “funnies” come in, then someone relatively knew to IDS asks “I’ve heard from alot of folks that it’s a good idea to rebuild your indexes in IDS every so often. Is that true? And, has that changed with newer releases?” “Good question!” I reply…uh, not as in “good question, I WISH I had an answer for you!”, but “Good question indeed!”.

But first, I want the readers to chime in…what do YOU think? Oh – and no “yes” or “no” answers only – please support your answer with gruesome detail if possible. Have fun…