Ady, Ice Cream, and men

Just heard a story from Curt about my granddaughter Adelai…she was with her aunt Dezi recently, and the “Ice Cream Man” came by on the street, and passed their house. So she and Dez ran down the street, attempting to wave down the ice cream man. Alas, he got away. Dezi was “just a bit frustrated”, so she held up her fist and said “screw the ice cream man!!” – and in turn, Ady held up her first and said “screw the ice cream man!”


The two monsters…

Had a great weekend with both of my 3-yr. old grandkids, Ady and Xai, recently…picked them up Saturday afternoon, and took them to the playground that they both like alot. Xai was quite the site running around the playground with Ady’s “very small” pink crocs on – not sure he wants a picture of that when he gets older.

They had both missed naps that day, so towards evening, after tossing them both in the “tubbers” (they were filthy!), we laid down to watch the “evening Spongebob.” Ady was out in 5 minutes – I couldn’t believe it. She usually hates laying down knowing it’s close to bedtime. Xai of course was up for quite awhile.

I remember when we were outside that day, and mentioning to them that “we need to get in the tubbers – you two are filthy!” Xai very “matter of fact(ly)” said…”yeah – our butts stink!” I couldn’t disagree.

That’s what hospitals are for mom….

Jordi recently told me a great “Xai Story”…I guess Jordi got up one morning, and said “I feel like f*%(^-sh(%$ !” Xai (who was almost 3 yrs. old at the time) responded with “well mom – if you feel like f*$(^-sh($% , you should go to the doctor!”