Took my 2 and 1/2 year-old grandson, Xavier, to the “Family Swim” at the university last night. Got him some “water wings” (at Rural King for 99 cents) and he was ready to go as soon as we got them on him. My daughter Jordi, and my ex-wifes’ daughter Aly joined in the fun too. The water was a bit chilly, but not too bad – well at least for most of us. Poor Xai-Xai – he was shivering the entire time. Kept trying to get him out occasionally to put a towel around him, but he’d have nothing of it. 

This is the first time I’ve taken him swimming, and let’s just say he did great! He was a bit scared at first, but after a few minutes, he didn’t want anyone holding his hands or hanging onto him. He didn’t make much forward movement most of the time, but he’d kick his legs, and papoo would drag him around from end-to-end. For a bit, he sat on the side of the pool, and would play ‘fetch’ with his papoo (me)…he’d throw a ball across the water….I’d go get it, and we’d repeat this…over and over and over. He thought it was pretty funny. Looking forward to many more “Swim Nights” with the little monster.