The Farm and it’s Beasties

Oh – one thing I forgot to mention … I have also inherited 1 dog and 3 cats with the family farm. The old owner wanted to leave the “beasties” as they are renting until the dad finishes their “new house.” So I figured …”on a farm? of course I need some animals!” The grandkids love ‘em for sure. When asked “what kind of dog is it?”, I say “…it’s white.” It’s name is “Hobo”, which my grandson calls “Bobo.” The cats have names, but I couldn’t remember what they were. So my ex-wife’s daughter named all 3 of them something. Can’t remember those either. I just call the mom cat “mama”, and the kittens “kitties.” I think that works. They don’t do anything I ask anyway, so what’s the difference? 



My 2-year old granddaughter, Ady stayed with “papoo” a few nights ago, and I had a treat for her…2 brand-new kitties. Ady can say “kit-kat”, or “cat” very well. It was hilarious though when I would say “kitty”, and she’d say “kidney.” So from that point on, I just called them the “kidneys”…ironically, to keep each other warm, they’d “reverse spoon” and voila!  – they looked like two little “kidneys.”