Grass-cutting Marathon

Let’s just say one of my first purchases when “buying the farm” was a riding mower. One surprise for me…it took SIX hours to cut the grass with it! Well OK – it’s a large place…with lots and lots of trees…and a huge forest…and a pond. May have to cut down some of those trees ya know…my grandson won’t care regardless…he just wants to “ride it” whenever he’s over.


Here a blob, there a blob…

Aug 2007 (IDS 10.FC4 on HP): A recent customer has involved me 3 times in the last year. Initially, the engine “froze” due to a query that “went out to lunch”, or let’s say, picked a bad query plan. Upon arrival, I did a standard “Health Check”, gathering a great deal of information about the site and it’s engines. They were using lots of “simple BLOBs” on IDS 9.4, and had taken the “1 dbspace per type of structure” approach to the engine layout. In other words, 1 dbspace for data, 1 for indexes, 1 for one type of blob, and 1 for another. That was about it! For small engines, or VAR packages, this is typical, and not that bad of a choice. But as engines grow, this layout is quickly outgrown.