Button(s) and CHEESE!

Spent the day with Xai on Sunday…took him to one of our favorite ‘stomping grounds’ – Mejier department store. Just had a few things to pick up, so we visited the “fishies” as is the tradition, got some “yogie” and a few other things. In the grocery section, I noticed he was tugging at my shirt for some reason (as he sat in the grocery cart)…I looked down and noticed one of my buttons was only partially buttoned. He was on a mission to get the button done right, so it would be all the way through the button hole. I was impressed…

Later that day, we were heading out to go “bye bye” in my car, so through the garage we went. I always walk out first (for his safety), and so he straggled behind…he noticed a coffee cup on a cooler, and of course said “coffee…, coffee”. He also noticed something else, and picked it up, put it to his face and said “cheese!”…of course, it was my little digital camera. We went to pick up his mom to go to dinner, and the whole way he was saying “cheese!”. I could see the camera covering his face every time in the rear view mirror.


Honk! Honk!

Xai and I wondered down to Fishers Friday night to have dinner with Abby and Scott. After dinner, Abby and Scott decided to ride back to Muncie with us, so off we went. I had mentioned to Abby that Xai was pretty funny when we’d pass a truck on the highway…I’d say “truck!” and he’d respond “car!”, I’d say “truck!” and of course, he’d say “car!”…and on and on and on. So while Abby was in the back seat with Xai, she started teaching him to raise his hand in the air and say “Honk! Honk!” (as if he was pulling down the truck horn) whenever we passed a semi. Sure enough, by the time we had made it back towards Muncie, Xai was fully into “honking” whenever we passed a semi. Was quite entertaining as any trip along I-69 encounters many, many semi trucks.


Xai has a “dual-use” word…he calls Ranch Dip (for fry-fry’s, chicken, pizza, whatever…) “dippie” since he dips whatever – including his fingers many times – in it to eat. BUT – he also calls his “blankie” his “dippie” for some reason. Haven’t quite figured that one out yet, but maybe someday…