Xai has a new job…

One of my favorite times with Xai is when we go to the grocery, or shopping in general. He sits in the cart facing me, and we can play all kinds of games and goof off. But – lately he always tries to “help” when I’m unloading the groceries onto the belt at checkout. This time I didn’t have a completely full cart, so I put him in the large part of the cart and asked “you wanna help?”…sure enough, he started grabbing whatever he could and would put them (yes – sometimes TOSS them) onto the belt. I assume we he can talk better he’ll be asking for $$$ for this “new job…”.



Babysat Xai Friday evening through Saturday morning…my typical “shift.” Went to the playground and followed him through the maze of stuff and watched him get “picked up” and lead around by a little girl there. He loved the slides.

Went to Mansfield Park later to “see the duckies”…fed them animal crackers and then of course, played on the playground there.

He has a new word…”movies” is “moonies”…cute or what?